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General Provisions

1.1. This agreement establishes the common rules on information service provision by the Service www.brokerit.ru.

1.2. The Service is defined as an aggregator site for searching IT equipment and spare parts. The Website is an information platform with access to the Database formed by the Service Users. The Database comprises the information about the availability of the User’s equipment or spare parts or the equipment or spare parts the User is searching to buy (hereinafter referred to as «Product»), identified by a part number. Products in stock, the information about which the User has posted on the Service database, must be the property of the User and free and clear of any rights of third parties.

1.3. The User is a person or company indicating an agreement to cooperate with the Service.

1.4. This document refers to both Users and the Service as Parties.

1.5. The Parties agree that this electronic agreement possesses the same force as a written agreement and is aimed at regulating their relationships in the process of the use of the Service.

1.6. This agreement is a public offer, acceptance of which is carried out by the User’s application to receive services provided by the Service. Application is submitted via the Website (www.brokerit.ru).

Subject of Agreement

2.1. The Service provides services, the list of which is presented in this Agreement. The User and the Service are informed of the rights and obligations in relation to one another, presented in the Agreement. The User must pay for the services according to the «Prices» presented on the Website’s relevant section.

2.2. The User who has applied for receiving services must pay for the services provided by the Service.

Mutual Obligations of the Parties

3.1. The Service undertakes the following obligations to:

3.1.1. Provide Users with access to form, correct Users’ offers databases, secure the protection and operability of Users’ offers databases and strive to do so according to the standards presented стандартов in this Agreement;

3.1.2. Ensure all User information is up to date, and that there is visual distinction of Users who accessed the databases in the test mode, Users who personally paid the services and Users whose access to databases of the Service was paid for by someone else;

3.1.3. Ensure the Users of the Service have the ability to communicate to each other;

3.1.4. Limit the access to parties who are not registered Users.
3.1.5. Provide Users with discounts presented in this Agreement;

3.1.6. In case the information about the User and/or the database information is incorrect and does not meet the true facts the Service may make adjustments to the information at own discretion.

3.1.7. Provide Users with information and technical support during their use of the provided services.

3.2. The User undertakes the following obligations to:

3.2.1. Provide the Service with the most accurate information to form a database;

3.2.2. Provide the Service with truthful and accurate information about themselves as a User of the Service;

3.2.3. Create opportunities to receive notifications from the Service by e-mail. To provide access to the network using a computer or other devices. Install anti-virus software in order to secure the connection to the Service;

3.2.4. Meet the requirements of this Agreement;

3.2.5. Make changes to the Service’s database in case of the loss of relevance of posted database product information in a timely manner;

3.2.6. Follow the laws of their country of location and citizenship.

3.2.7. Not violate the requirements of the normative acts establishing the characteristics of the exchange of information about Products or deals with the Products.

3.3. The Service reserves the rights to:

3.3.1. Stop the operation of the Service for the time of troubleshooting and modernization;

3.3.2. Stop the User’s access to the Service in case of receiving a letter of complaint from competent authorities, partners or users about fraud. Access is stopped for the time needed to clarify the situation;

3.3.3. At own discretion establish a system of discounts for access to the Service;

3.3.4. At own discretion make adjustments to the Service database;

3.3.5. Limit access to the services to potential users, without explaining the reasons for the refusal;

3.3.6. If during the Service’s operation a Users committs an error (false information is posted on the database), the Service may require the user to acknowledge the information posted on the database by means of communication, e-mail, photos, invoice;

3.3.7. Terminate the relationship with the User who is currently inadequate or refuses to provide the data needed to resolve his issue to the Service’s administration;

3.3.8. Block the User’s access to the server at the request of the User’s Administration.

Provided Services

4.1. The Service provides the user with the access to the database of the Service with the right to post information about the User’s Products and/or information on wanted items in the database of the Service. User access is available in the time period paid for by the User;

4.2. For the period of paid access to the Service the User has the right to create multiple user accounts to access to the service, and to dispose of them at their discretion. At the end of the period of paid access to the Service all accounts are blocked. User’s Product information posting in the database of the Service is discontinued.

Liability and Service Warranty

5.1. The Service does not bear any legal responsibility for the consequences of misuse of the service, or for any errors made by the user while using the database of the Service.

5.2. The Service does not cover damage resulting from the transactions made on the basis of the use of the Service’s database;

5.3. The Service is not responsible for the delay in delivery, payment, delivery of the goods of improper quality in the transactions made on the basis of the use of the Service’s database;

5.4. The Service is not responsible for the User’s costs and losses arising from misconceptions about the quality of goods, information about which is available in the Service’s database;

Refund Policy

6.1. If you would like to cancel a membership and get a full or partial refund then you need to send us an email to info@brokerit.ru within 5 days after registration. There will be no refunds for cancellations made after 5 days of registration at www.brokerit.ru. A cancellation acknowledgement will be sent within 3 working days and fees refunded within 10 working days, subject to this Refund Policy.

Conditions of changing the terms of the Agreement

7.1. Service Administration has the right at any time to make changes or additions to the present Agreement. They gain strength and become effective upon posting on the resource.

Unseen circumstances

8.1. In the event of force majeure, the Parties are exempt from liability for failure or delay in the execution of this Agreement. Force majeure is understood as war, act of terrorism, fire, flood, riots, hacker penetration, acts of local authorities. Also, these include a power failure and lack of access to networks, including the Internet and communication services.

User accepts the agreement in its entirety by activating the button “I agree with the rules of the exchange.”

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